Generate beautiful images for your landing page

    We are thrilled to announce a new feature on our PageGPT landing page builder: AI Image Regeneration.

    Using this new feature, you regenerate any image on your landing page with just a few clicks.

    How to Regenerate Images

    Our AI Image Regeneration simplifies the process of creating and modifying images. No more spending hours searching for the perfect image or trying to create one from scratch. Now, follow these straightforward steps:

    1. Select the image element: This can be any image present on your landing page.
    2. Click on the magic icon: It appears as a sparkles icon in the blue toolbar.
    3. Enter an image description: Be as specific as you can in describing the kind of image you want. For instance, you could specify a “sunset over a tranquil lake, taken with a dslr”.
    4. Watch your image regenerate: Your image is automatically regenerated according to your description. The AI takes your words and transforms them into the visual representation you described.

    That’s it! Within seconds, you can generate a fresh and unique version of your image, tailored to your specifications.

    Tips for Image Prompting

    The power of the AI Image Regeneration tool can also depend on the descriptions that you feed into it. The more detailed and specific your description, the better your result will be. Here are some tips to guide you in crafting effective image prompts:

    • Be Specific: The AI works best when it has clear instructions. Instead of saying “a car,” say “a red vintage sports car on an open highway at sunset.”
    • Describe the Mood or Theme: Adding details about the mood or theme you’re aiming for can be very helpful. For instance, “a cozy, dimly lit library filled with antique books” will give you a significantly different image than simply “a library.”
    • Consider the Composition: If you have a specific layout or composition in mind, describe it. This could be as simple as mentioning where certain objects are located in the image, such as “a large oak tree on the right with a swing hanging from it, and a vibrant flower field on the left under a bright blue sky.”
    • Specify Artistic Style: If you want an image in a specific artistic style, you can include that in your description. For instance, you could request a “Van Gogh-style starry night” or “a digital art representation of a futuristic city.”
    • Camera Specifications: Want an image that appears to be taken by a specific camera or lens? You can include this in your description, such as “a portrait as if taken with a vintage 35mm film camera.”
    • Choose Design Techniques: For graphic designs, you can specify techniques such as “an isometric 3D illustration of a modern office” or “a low-poly design of a mountain range.”
    • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try out different descriptions and see what results you get. The beauty of this tool is that it allows for endless creativity and experimentation.

    AI Image Regeneration is a powerful tool that offers unlimited creative possibilities, making your landing page design process more efficient and exciting. It is our mission at PageGPT to continue to provide you with innovative features that harness the power of AI, saving you time and resources in the process. Enjoy exploring this new feature, and don’t forget to share your creations with us!