6 Best AI Website Builders – Review with Screenshots

Introduction and Comparison Methodology

The landscape of website creation is ever-evolving with the advent of AI. AI website generators, with their promise of instant, hassle-free website creation, have piqued the interest of many entrepreneurs. The goal of this article is to review top AI website generators available in the market and provide insight into their capabilities.

The procedure we’ve adopted is straightforward – we will generate websites using each of these AI builders and walk you through the process. To maintain consistency, we will use a mock brief for a fictional beauty company called “GlowHaven”.

“GlowHaven,” your ultimate destination for radiant beauty. At GlowHaven, we curate a wide range of premium skincare and cosmetics products to help you achieve your desired glow.

From luxurious moisturizers to rejuvenating serums, our collection is carefully selected to cater to all skin types and concerns. Embrace the transformative power of self-care and discover the perfect products tailored to your unique needs.

Step into a world of indulgence and sophistication with GlowHaven’s elegant and minimalist style, where simplicity meets luxury. Unleash your inner radiance and let your beauty shine at GlowHaven, your haven for all things skin deep.

The style of the website will be:

Ssleek and modern, featuring soft neutrals such as shades of ivory, blush, and pale pastels.

Criteria for judging

Our assessment of each AI website generator will be based on the following criteria:

  • Generation Experience: We’ll evaluate how user-friendly and intuitive the generator is, the process to get started, and any limitations it may present.
  • Design Quality: We’ll assess the overall beauty of the design aesthetic, the relevance of color schemes, typography, and imagery.
  • Level of Customization/Uniqueness: We’ll look at how much of the website can be customized and the uniqueness of the designs generated.
  • Time Efficiency: We’ll assess how much work is automated by the generator and how much further customization is needed to make the website ready for use.

We’ll also walk you through the generation process and show you what the output looks like for each of the following tools.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Framer AI Design Generator

The Framer generation experience is very straightforward, it accepts a free-flow prompt to let you enter anything you want.

We simply copy and pasted our description above into the input box and that’s it – Framer starts to generate the website for us.

You can watch as the generator creates the page for you and add sections as well as text on the fly. Here is the final end result that we got!

Not bad for a few minutes of waiting time and just the effort to write our prompt into the text box.

One thing you’ll notice is the use of icons which makes the page feel more unique. They may not be the most relevant icons for each section (i’m still trying to figure out what the asterisk looking icon above the 50k satisfied customer text means), but they do contribute to the look of the page.

You’ll note however that while we indicated pastel theme colors, a lot of blacks were used. Let’s see if we can fix that with the palette shuffler on the right side.

After shuffling it many times, it still looks like black is a very dominant color in our website. However it is a very neat feature and you can play around with other color palettes as well as different display fonts.


Generation Experience: With Framer, the process begins by inputting our prompt which is very flexible. An instant design is generated, and with the shuffle feature, you can easily change the palettes and display fonts.

Page Design Quality: The design of the Framer boasts a cohesive theme with well co-ordinated color palettes and unique fonts. The generator seems to rely heavily on blacks, regardless of the selected palette.

The design looks slightly over optimized for mobile in general, the font sizes on desktop can be too big, and the structure can be overly simplified to make sure that it’s easy to reflow correctly on mobile.

Images are desaturated, which means that you get a lot of black and white images, or single tone images. It looks like Framer is doing this to avoid color clashes between the images and the color scheme.

Level of Customization/Uniqueness: The unique icon choices makes the page look more custom. You can also use the shuffle feature for fonts and colors, which provides some degree of customization. Furthermore, you can use their drag and drop editor to customize anything else on the page.

Time Efficiency: The text content is auto-generated, which can be a time saver, but the stock images may need replacement.

Special Callouts: Framer stands out with its use of unique icons that lend a custom feel to the page.


For Hocoos, there’s a few steps we need to complete before the page gets generated. First, we need to select a theme that best matches our store. You can’t just enter anything you want, but you can look for the closest most similar option for your business. For our test we searched for “Cosmetics Online Store”, and managed to find “Cosmetics store”.

After going through a few more items like:

  • Business Location
  • Store Name
  • Talking Points (some additional descriptions which Hocoos will use as reference to help generate the text)
  • Services offered.

Here’s what the final result looks like! There are 3 style options to choose from, and the 3rd one looks pretty good for our cosmetic store.

For each section, you can also choose a different variation according to the vision you have in mind. Here we’re selecting a different testimonial logos section to use:


Generation Experience: Hocoos requires you to find and select a store type from a limited list. Depending on your business, you may not be able to find a close match, however in our case, “cosmetics store” is on the list so this was not a problem for us.

The other additional steps like entering business location, store name, and offered services were straightforward to help ensure the end result is tailored to your needs.

Design Quality: The final website design might appear basic, particularly when looking at the buttons.

Level of Customization/Uniqueness: You can choose from three page styles, but the color palette and font options are limited to four pre-set choices. You cannot indicate your own color palette. Hocoos offers multiple variations for each section of the website, which allows some level of customization.

Time Efficiency: Hocoos generates text and chooses suitable images for you, which can save time, though the stock images might need to be replaced.

Unique Callouts: You can click on the starry icon to ask Hocoos to regenerate the text for you if you don’t like the originally generated text.


PageGPT is very quickly gaining popularity due to its design generation capability, and powerful chat editing experience. Here’s how the generation process looks like:

First, you enter your company name:

Next, you can enter additional descriptions about your company. We’ll add the same cosmetics store prompt that we created for this comparison article.

We can then describe the mood and style of the page.

And finally indicate the main theme colors so that the website matches your brand identity.

And that’s it! Let’s see what the final output looks like:

Not a bad output at all! It managed to use the main colors (pink and ivory) that we indicated in order to generate the page. The font choices and AI-generated images also matches the modern and sleek style that we asked for.

You can also add custom animations and effects simply by chatting with the AI. This is a powerful feature that let’s you hyper-personalize the page to be unique to your website.

Here we simply typed in: “make the background image have a parallax effect that zooms in as i scroll down”, and it just added the effect for us!


Generation Experience: The generated design matches the theme very accurately, with the pink and ivory colors used in a cohesive, readable manner. The section design and font choices fit into the modern and sleek style that we requested for.

Design Quality: The design generated by PageGPT is well-coordinated and visually appealing. The page structure is well-suited for the e-commerce theme, and the images and color schemes work together cohesively to create an elegant look.

Level of Customization/Uniqueness: One of PageGPT’s standout features is its level of customization. Each page is generated according to your specified mood, style, and color choices, and the fonts and ’roundedness’ of elements are all tailored to these requirements.

Time Efficiency: With PageGPT, the images and text are both relevant and generated quickly. If you need to regenerate some elements, the process is easy – just click on the text and request a regeneration.

Unique Callout: The PageGPT platform is also gaining popularity for its flexible chat editor that allows you to add any kind of custom effects with ease. Simply tell the AI what you want to see, and it adds the effect for you.

To learn more, you can check out these articles on adding unique parallax effects, adding scroll animation effects and custom background image animation. Your imagination is the limit!


Here’s what the generation process for Durable.co looks like. You’ll first need to enter the type of store you’re creating. You can freely enter anything here, so you’re not limited to a list of options.

We then enter the name of our company “GlowHaven” and that’s all that’s required! Here’s what the end result looks like:


Generation Experience: The generation process for Durable is straightforward. All it needs is the type of store and the company name. You are not able to enter things like the style or color scheme you want. Hence, if you have something specific in mind, you may not get the design you envision.

Design Quality: Durable creates a professional-looking website with overall well-selected color choices and relevant images.

For us, it chose pink colors which was suitable and in line with our desired style, however the bright yellow color is not part of our brand theme. You’ll need to manually correct these colors afterwards.

Level of Customization/Uniqueness: One of the downsides is that Durable reuse the same template for various store types. You’ll notice that there is an “Our Services” section even though we are running an online cosmetics store.

Time Efficiency: Durable generates relevant text and images based on store details, which can save time. However, the stock images used may need replacement.

Unique Callouts: The generation is very fast. It took about 30 seconds to complete which is in line with what Durable boasts.


Let’s move on to another popular website generator, 10web. They are a wordpress builder company that is now riding the AI wave and trying to incorporate some AI features into their product. Here’s how to generate your website:

First, you’ll need to select from the dropdown for your business type. We managed to find the “Cosmetics” business type

Next, there are 6 different styles that you can choose from:

We’ll go with the “clean” theme for our cosmetics store.

There are three template options that we can choose from. It looks like AI generation is only done for text and images.

Also, none of these really fit an ecommerce style page that we want. These are all very service oriented templates – if you are running a service, 10Web may be suitable for you.

This also means that the templates are not being created based on the business type that we chose earlier, but they are default options created by the 10Web team.

Let’s go with the third option nevertheless.

Next, it asks for our company name, and company description. We’re going to enter our standard prompt here to keep it consistent with the rest of the builders.

Then, we need to key in the services and features. Once again, this is not very suitable for our ecommerce page, but it may work well for a service company. We entered in “Makeup”, “Moisturizers”, “Makeup Tools”, “Skincare”

Afterwards, we have to add some additional case studies. We don’t have any, so we’ll skip this step.

Finally, on the last two steps, it asked for company contact details like phone numbers and email.

And with that, the generation begins…

Here’s what the final generation looks like!

As you can see the design looks neat and clean, and well co-ordinated.

The images used are AI generated, and are highly relevant to our website. You can tell it is AI generated from the signature 6 fingers in the woman’s hands, which is a typical telltale sign of AI generated images. Nevertheless, the overall style fits the theme of our website.

For the generated text, you’ll find that it is very service oriented.


Generation Experience: To generate a website on 10Web, you first select your business type from a dropdown. There are 3 templates and six different themes to choose from. The templates provided are more service-oriented.

Design Quality: The design is clean and neat, with well-chosen color schemes and fonts. AI-generated images are included, adding to the visual appeal of the website.

Level of Customization/Uniqueness: The templates are fixed and designed for service-oriented businesses. Customization options may be limited for those who want an e-commerce-style page. However, if you are running a service-based business, 10Web may be a great choice.

Considering that there are 3 templates and 6 themes, there are only 18 combinations of designs, which means that you may not get a very unique website.

Time Efficiency: The AI generates text and images based on the information provided, which saves time. However, the text is service-oriented, which may require further customization for an e-commerce business.

Unique Callouts: Uses AI to generate relevant images for your website.


Wix is a well known name in the website building space. They’ve recently launched ADI which stands for Artificial Design Intelligence, which is supposed to help you in your website design tasks.

Let’s have a look to see how it fares for our cosmetics website.

First, you’re required to fill up a form. We don’t have full freedom over the type of website, and must choose something from the dropdown, but it is quite extensive and we are able to find a suitable option for our cosmetics store.

Next, we also have to pick one of the theme options, we’re going with the Minimal theme.

Wix provides 3 templates options which you can choose from.

And here’s what the final result looks like!


Generation Experience: Wix ADI requires you to fill out a form detailing your website needs. The dropdown options are extensive, ensuring you find what you want. Once you select your theme, Wix offers three templates for you to choose from.

Design Quality: The final designs are professional and polished, with consistent and cohesive color schemes.

Level of Customization/Uniqueness: Wix ADI offers a limited number of styles (only six), making the designs a bit safe and basic. It also means that they are not very unique.

Time Efficiency: Although the designs are well made, the text and images generated by Wix ADI are not always relevant. Therefore, you might have to spend extra time replacing images and customizing the text.

Unique Callouts: Apart from its Design AI, Wix has a very powerful drag and drop editor which allows you to fully customize your website after the generation is complete. Giving you full flexibility.


We’ve experimented with an array of tools, each with their unique strengths, here are the tools that stood out:

Fastest and easiest

Framer stands out as the fastest and easiest option with relatively strong design quality. It’s very easy to get started with a simple prompt, and the designs that you get are cohesive and professional.

Most Unique

PageGPT stands out as the best option if you want to create a unique, well-designed website that is tailored just for your brand. You can even add custom animations and interactions just by chatting with the AI and telling it what you want to see.

Wrapping up

Every tool we reviewed has unique features that could make it the right choice for your specific needs. It’s essential to understand what each generator can offer and how its unique features align with your requirements.

Happy building!